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The Platinum
VIP Programme

— Do you want your mood lifted quickly?

— Do you want to sort out an ongoing health or life problem with a new approach ?

— Do you want to become the happiest version of yourself, reduce stress and anxiety and feel free?

— Do you want to boost energy and personal resilience with an insightful, side-effect free and bespoke approach?

This is a transformative programme for people who feel ready to make positive changes in their life and how they are feeling. They know that there is more out there for them but feel unsure how to get there.

I work with CEOs, MDs, performers, artists, sportspeople and directors who want to feel great and perform at their best.

Other clients come because they feel stuck in a rut and are looking for a new way out of it. I have found this programme to be the best and quickest way to make a real difference to your life, health and future happiness.

Getting you where
you want to be
Taking back the reins

I help you to regain control of your life, learn how to think and feel better even in tough times and above all, learn how to be yourself and not what you believe others want you to be.

It works on the principle that when you learn to improve your happiness levels and begin to overcome any personal hurdles or stresses that you are carrying, you will then start getting back to being your natural vibrant self.

Your life will begin to feel like a whole different place.

It doesn’t matter whether you are feeling stuck with a personal issue, unhappy, lacking a good relationship, overwhelmed, isolated, anxious, dealing with an on-going health problem or feeling burnt out, I will work with you to get you to where you want to be.

Benefits to you

• Reduction of personal or work stress

• Gaining of clarity and direction through challenging situations

• Overcoming health problems using natural remedies

• Improvement in energy levels and better quality sleep

• Personal happiness will be boosted

• You will find the zone where you function at your best

• Stopping the repeated negative cycles in your life

• Boosting physical, emotional and mental health

• Come back to being the real you

People find the sessions insightful and uplifting, discovering a greater sense of self-awareness which enables stressful situations to be dealt with more easily.

Tailored to you

The exclusive sessions are tailored to improve your emotional and mental well-being and sort out any niggling physical health problems you may have.

I use my 20 years experience to mentor you towards positive emotional wellness along with being able to find the right homeopathic medicines to directly help improve your mood, reduce stress and worry, boost self confidence and address any unwanted health problems.

The insightful sessions and bespoke approach to better health is all achieved using a safe, gentle and non-toxic approach.

I work alongside any conventional medicines / advice as necessary.

About the

A weekly 1-2-1 session in the comfort of your own home for your ease and privacy.

Telephone support - we can talk on the phone whenever you feel you need guidance and support.This makes sure that you keep up your positive momentum.

Your tailored homeopathic medicines which enhance emotional wellbeing, improve your state of mind and turnaround any health problems are all included.

My priority

As a Platinum VIP client you are my priority. I will help, support and guide you over the time we are working together. My aim is to get you feeling great and heading in the right direction.

This programme has limited availability as I only work with a handful of Platinum VIP clients at any one time. I advise we have an initial chat to make sure that this is right programme for you.

Healthier family

Alongside your own programme, if you wish, I also provide a set of sessions for you to give to your family members. Maybe you have a child with a recurring health problem, a stressed-out partner/ teenager going through a difficult time or a parent with illnesses who needs your time and attention.

I have found over the years that family stresses can be felt from multiple directions, so giving family members the opportunity to have their own 1-2-1 session makes sure everyone is as well as possible and on the same page.

I consult for companies, agencies and brands who want to make sure their personnel and executive teams are kept in tip-top shape.

I work with CEOs, MDs, media professionals, creative and performing artists, rock stars, producers and directors who want to feel great and perform at their best.

Whether it’s for an individual or a full team, I help people who are going through a difficult transition, feel burnt out, about to get signed off sick, have personal problems or want to just stay mentally and physically on top of their game.

I deliver a set of one-to-one sessions that are bespoke, confidential and tailored to the needs and objectives of the individual.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution so I’m always more than happy to discuss exact requirements and work out the most suited programme on a case by case basis.

About Matt

As a young teenager Matt suffered from fatigue, at times too weak to walk, even talking was an effort. Doctors tested and theorised what the problem may be but were unable to offer any solutions.

A route to recovery was chosen with homeopathic medicine and quickly he was back to full health.

This experience inspired him to pursue this homeopathy as a career. He wanted to learn about the practice that can help stimulate the body and mind, back to a natural state of wellness.

Matt qualified at the age of 23yrs. Even though many of his clients would seek his help for common health conditions he found that behind these symptoms were personal stories of stress, sadness or even trauma; was there a link between the mind and the body? He found often that there was.

A happy guy by nature, Matt was intrigued to learn why at times his emotions kept yo-yoing, why things were stressful, why life sometimes felt a struggle. What could he do to change this?

With his own personal happiness at the forefront, he visited counsellors, therapists, psychologists and sat on mountains with teachers, learning and listening. Not all of it worked for him, but he took the ideas he liked and that felt good and focused on those.

Now as an award winning practitioner with over twenty years in private practice he has gained extensive experience of what it takes to improve someone’s state of mind. Under Matt’s guidance people transform their mindset and outlook, cast off their stresses and find their new direction.

He has worked on London’s Harley Street for fifteen years and has appeared on both TV and Radio. As a passionate speaker he enjoys giving his ‘PeppTalks’ to companies and organisations such as the medical teams at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Innocent Smoothies.

His popular and award winning self help book, ‘Happiness The Inside Job’ has been recommended by the band Coldplay.

Matt’s insightful sessions combined with natural medicines, produce results which are empowering and life-changing.

Many people, including captains of industry, media high flyers and people from the world of film and entertainment seek his assistance in improving their health, outlook and their future.


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